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Stefano ferrara

Stefano Ferrara Combo Series

Avanzini (Parma, Italy) makes the best gas burner for hearth style pizza oven and Stefano Ferrara uses the fully automatic version in all his ovens. Capable of 130,000 BTU's, the flame from an Avanzini Drago burner will produce heat identical to that of a wood fire. The dome in a gas only model 120 or 130 will be 1,000F.

The fully automated Avanzini burner is ideal for the pizzeria that wants "gas only". However, if you would like use a combo gas & wood oven, the Avanzini burner can be adjusted to accept a wood fire alongside the gas flame.

Model 120 GAS

Cooking  surface: 47 inch

Capacity: (3-4) 12-in pizzas

Model 130 GAS

Cooking  surface: 51 inch

Capacity: (4-5) 12-in pizzas

Model 140 GAS

Cooking  surface: 55 inch

Capacity: (5-6) 12-in pizzas

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