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Stefano ferrara

Stefano Ferrara Somma Series

The Somma is the newest oven shape from Stefano Ferrara and meant to resemble the softer less dramatic pick on Vesuvius, the big volcano in the southern edge of Napoli known as Somma.

The core of the oven, the cooking surface are all identical to the Classico.

The Somma shape is purely aesthetic.

We have a great of experience with all things related to Neapolitan pizza. If you have questions about sizing your oven for the available space, understanding capacity issues, how to position the oven in an open kitchen and very importantly how to vent a wood fired oven we like to be of help.

We have the right oven for the number of seats planned, the right mixer for the number of pizzas served, and all the right tools to help you plan and open a successful pizzeria.

Model 120 

Cooking  surface: 47 inch

Capacity: (3-4) 12-in pizzas

Model 130 

Cooking  surface: 51 inch

Capacity: (4-5) 12-in pizzas

Model 140 

Cooking  surface: 55 inch

Capacity: (5-6) 12-in pizzas

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