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Earthstone ovens

EarthStone Classic

Available as wood, gas and coal fired

Earthstone Ovens (Glendale, CA) have been building high quality pizza oven since 1990.   There are 1000’s and 1000’s of Earthstone Ovens installed across the US and Canada.

The domes shape coupled with the size of its oven mouth makes the Earthstone Oven one of the more versatile in our catalog.  It's capable of burning three different fuel sources (wood, gas & coal) so we look to the Earthstone Ovens when a customer’s pizza requires a 2.5, 3.0, 3.5-minute or longer bake time.

The Earthstone Ovens store heat better than any oven in our catalog.  When you down tools at night with a 700F floor temperature, tomorrow morning your oven will be at 450-500F.  This is the ideal oven for anyone who wants to include other “al forno” items on their menus.  This oven floor is built to accept roasting pans, sizzle plates or terracotta cazuela.

Model 130 

Cooking  surface: 51-in

Capacity: (4-5) 12-in pizzas

Model 160 

Cooking  surface: 63-in

Capacity: (6-7) 12-in pizzas

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