Earthstone ovens

EarthStone Due

Available as wood, gas and coal fired

Earthstone ovens build one of the best quality pizza ovens available in the US marketplace. We have been a dealer since 2008 when we saw our first coal fired pizza oven in action at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Ft. Lauderdale FL. From that day forward we’ve been a great fan of this oven because of its high-quality build, durability (the best floor of any pizza oven in the US) and factory support.

Recently Earthstone added a new double wide oven to their catalog and this has quickly become one of favorites.  Available in two sizes, the “DUE” double wide oven with a double mouth is designed for high volume.  We have a customer in Boston that can get (100) 14-in pizzas per hour from their Due 130.  They work a four-man team and have a consistent 4-minute bake for their pizzas.  Other than our multi-deck electric ovens, we can't think of another oven that has this kind of capacity.

Available as wood only, gas only, gas & wood combo, or coal fired.

Model 110 

Cooking  surface: 80-inx43-in

Capacity: (8-10) 12-in pizzas

Model 130 

Cooking  surface: 101-inx48-in

Capacity: (10-12) 12-in pizzas