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***Available Colors: Black Lacquer ONLY

Our hand-powered manual meat slicers give the operator complete control over slice thickness. The vertical blade makes it the perfect slicer for paper-thin prosciutto. Perfect for a countertop, open kitchen, and theater slicing on full display to the dining room. If customers can see it in action the impulse purchase is triggered, and you will sell more salumi plates.

Hand-built in Northern Italy from vintage molds.  Cast in aluminum and stainless steel, maintaining the highest quality and craftsmanship of traditional meat slicers from the early 1900s to late 1960s. All parts are painted in high gloss enamel paint or hand-polished chrome.


  • Hollow ground chrome plated carbon steel precision blade

  • Variable cut thickness

  • Baked enamel paint finish

  • Built-in blade sharpener

  • Designed for easy cleaning

  • Designed for durability and consistent slicing


ETL & NSF approved: Meets the latest sanitation and safety requirements.

Suitable for prosciutto crudo, cotto, salumi and firm cheeses

Volano 300 Slicer + Matching Pedestal

Black Lacquer Meat Slicer.jpg

Available Color: Black Lacquer
BLADE: 11.75-in / 300mm
USEABLE BLADE: Length: 11.75-in

HEIGHT: 8.5-in
PRICE: $3,300 + shipping

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