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Electric pizza ovens

Moretti Forni ovens brings innovation to an old tradition

Electric pizza ovens have complete control over top and bottom heat.

When you are busy and your bake time is creeping up, just increase the bottom heat to ensure your pizzas are baking correctly.

Moretti Forni electric ovens can reach temperatures from zero to 840F degrees which means it is a truly multi-purpose oven that allows you to create the perfect oven environment for the pizza you want to serve.


Fast bake 60-90 second Neapolitan pizzas, complete with charred edges on the cornicione


True artisan adult style pizzas with a 2, 2.5 or 3 minute bake time


Classic New York style pizzas with 3.5 to 5 minute bake time


8 to 11 minute bake time for Roman style pizza Al taglio

pizza prep
Pizza electric oven

Fast casual pizza concepts – double or triple your capacity in a small footprint.

Pizza dough

The special clay hearth stones in a oven are textured to increase air flow which results in added crispness to your pizza.

Pizza prep station

The theater of wood fired cooking can be beautifully duplicated with a Moretti Forni electric oven.

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