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Great pizza starts with a great mixer.

The 60kg diving arms mixer is the perfect mixer for all dough types.  The twin arms mimic the hand-kneading technique to obtain a well-oxygenated dough.  It’s a pizzaiolos favorite mixer!  The typical mix time is about 20 minutes because it slowly kneads without warming the dough.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Well, it gets better.  Most mixers have two speeds that manually click from one to the other.   The diving arms mixers have a variable speed controller that allows you to “smoothly” increase or decrease the mixer’s speed to suit your dough on that particular day.  This is a professional bakery mixer.  A variable speed controller is a very nice feature not normally seen on smaller mixers for the pizzeria.

FEATURES: Moving arms with oil bath cast iron gears, kneading arms
are stainless steel, closed bowl protection guard made of transparent high robust plastic, variable speed controlled allows for complete control over mixing speed. The 60kg diving arms mixer is equipped with one rear and two front roller ball casters with two stabilizer feet.

60kg diving arms mixer

ELECTRICAL: 208v DELTA | 60hz | 3-Phase | Variable speed control

In stock and ready for immediate departure.

PRICE: $8,533 + shipping

(click the image for technical specifications)

Diving Arms Mixer.jpg
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